AOMEI Backupper pro 7.2.1 Crack + Keygen [Latest Version 2023]

AOMEI Backupper pro 7.2.1 Crack: As the world of technology advances, our computers become more and more important as we now have the habit of storing everything we need on our computers. It would be best to have reliable software to back up your data. In this regard, today we have introduced software just for your needs and its name is AOMEI Backupper pro 7.

AOMEI Backupper pro with Serial Key is an intuitive and reliable software for data backup, hard disk recovery, and cloning to make it a complete and professional backup software. The software is useful when migrating operating systems because it saves your data from system failure as you can quickly restore your system to a normal state.

The software has different editions for different users such as Standard Edition, Professional Edition, and Workstation Edition. The standard edition is free and you can use it for your home computer. However, if you want more features for your home, you can purchase the professional edition with a license key. And if you are a business owner, then you can buy a workplace permit. You can check the pricing schemes on its official website.

AOMEI Backupper pro 7.1.1 Crack + Keygen [Latest Version 2023]

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1: Backup:

System Backup:

You can back up your entire system, even Windows, applications, and custom settings without any disruption to your work. You can create full/full disk backups and/or specific file backups.

Backup of partitions and volume:

AOMEI Backupper backs up specific partitions or volumes in a compressed image file.

Automatic/Scheduled Backup:

You can set up a scheduled backup to automatically back up your data on a set schedule.

Smart Backup:

You can use Smart Backup to reduce backup size and time because with Smart Backup; You can back up only used sectors of the drive/partition.

Differential Backup:

When AOMEI Backupper backs up the whole system, when you add new files, only those original files need to be backed up, not the whole system. This will save you time.

File synchronization:

You can use automatic sync to sync files on your local drive, cloud drive, or external drive in real-time.

2: Recovery and Clone Tool:

System Restore:

You can restore the system partition to a Windows or Bootable drive to make sure your system is bootable after the restore.

Disk partitioning and recovery:

You can restore the partition or volume to where you backed it up, or restore the disk image to its original location or another SSD or HDD.

File recovery:

You can recover deleted, damaged, or lost files and folders or backup images to restore at an earlier time. You can even select specific files or folders on a partition/drive to recover.

Disk and partition cloning:

You can clone hard drives to HDDs or SSDs of the same or different sizes but only supports MBR to MBR or GPT to GPT. Similarly, you can create an exact copy of a partition or volume and install that copy on another hard drive.

3: other utilities:

Log export/import:

You can view information about what the software has done and save this information. You can import this information later if needed.

Notifications by e-mail by mail:

AOMEI can send you the backup result or notify you when the scheduled backup is finished by email. message in the mailbox, only if you have configured e-mail mail message support.


To compress your backup media to reduce disk size, you can use one of the best backup methods provided by AOEMI Backupper.

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AOMEI Backupper pro 7.1.1 Crack + Keygen [Latest Version 2023]

What’s New in AOMEI Backupper pro 7.2.1?

  • AOMEI fixed missing quest issues.
  • AOMEI has fixed the issue where the system cannot boot after system cloning.
  • AOMEI fixed an issue where two-way sync tasks failed after deleting a file from the source directory.
  • AOMEI optimized event triggers.
  • AOMEI has solved the problem of not being able to change email. port for SSL/TLS encryption of mail messages.
  • AOMEI solved the space control scheme problems.
  • AOMEI fixed the blue screen of death issue due to stock drivers.
  • AOMEI fixed an issue with system recovery where the system cannot boot from the destination disk.
  • AOMEI has fixed the issue where the app can’t identify the One Drive desktop.
  • AOMEI fixed the boot issues after the master reset.

System Requirements:

  • The software supports the following operating system variants: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
  • The software supports all types of hard drives such as HDD, SSD and SSHD.
  • The software supports the following file system: FAT32, EXT2, NTFS, FAT16, EXT3, etc.
  • AOMEI Backupper (7.2) requires at least 5-4GB of space.
  • 500MB (or more) of RAM is fine.
  • Microsoft operating system with mouse, keyboard and monitor required

AOMEI Backupper pro 7.2 Crack Method:

  1. Install the Backupper app and open the Crack AB folder,
  2. Run the License_Cleaner.bat file as administrator and open the software installation directory in Windows C > Program Files > (where the software is installed)
  3. Edit the Version.ini in the backup installation folder and set versionCode=3
    3 -> Professional
    4 -> Server
    5 -> Technician
    6 -> Technician plus
  4. Copy the Backup_Registrator from the Fix AB folder and paste it into the Backupper installation folder, run the software, and register with the license key
  5. Everything is done !!! Enjoy it.

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